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PT. JTB Indonesia and CBB Announce Strategic Partnership

Denpasar, October 2, 2020 – PT. JTB Indonesia, regional offices and subsidiary of JTB Pte. Ltd and the Come Back to Bali Organization (CBB) under the auspices of Bali Plus Publishing, representing the domestic and international tourism industry sectors, are proud to announce a strategic long-term partnership by presenting an event in Indonesia that focuses on the tourism sector affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim of this event is to build a new online strategy in the field of sustainable tourism named the ‘Comeback to Bali Virtual Expo’

President Director of PT. JTB Indonesia, Michiya Mizukoshi commented on the partnership efforts as follows “As leaders of related sectors, JTB Indonesia and CBB are here to complement each other in order to present solutions for tourism actors, both sellers and buyers, especially in Asia Pacific and its surroundings. We look forward to collaborating with CBB to present an extraordinary event using the skills, knowledge and specialist information we provide in this sector of the industry. We want to create something unique for the tourism industry and encourage this collaboration to be better in the future ”.

JTB Indonesia’s engagement will provide CBB with system management services, a comprehensive suite of event management solutions including online registration, onsite badging and check-in, mobile event tools, and reporting capabilities to provide CBB and key clients and their customers with a 360˚ view of the entire cycle of events and the overall business impact.

Speaking about collaborative partnerships, Hendra Lapusa, President Director of CBB said, “Our goal is to bring our important clients and partners together to join this event and as a space for buyers and sellers to connect and build new connections. We are excited to partner with JTB Indonesia who will help us expand our activities further in the Asia Pacific region and assist our mission to provide a unique experience and services to our clients. We believe there is still a need in the industry to change the new order and habits of meetings or gatherings and events, and with our shared ideas and JTB’s regional network and local expertise, we hope that this cooperative relationship will be long-term and fruitful to help us achieve our goals, particularly in the tourism industry as a whole for us and our members.”

Furthermore, Mr. Mizukoshi stated “We have started in-depth discussions, are planning, and are very enthusiastic about this collaboration. Our experience in the tourism industry and appreciating the importance of sharing information and knowledge, I am personally looking forward to building a portfolio of events and meetings with CBB by utilizing reliable human resources at JTB Indonesia ”.

About the JTB Group

JTB (Japan Tourist Bureau) was founded in 1912, starting out as a provider of airline ticket services for foreigners residing in Japan; eventually growing to become a tourism service pioneer with an unmatched range of tourism products and services to meet the needs of the corporate, education and MICE markets. JTB defines itself as a “Solution Provider” to create opportunities for people around the world by challenging the paradigms and boundaries of the conventional industry and providing out-of-the-box thinking and solutions. Working with strategic technology and virtual partners, JTB is pioneering new ways to connect people, hospitality and opportunities around the world to offer online solutions designed to present meetings, events, conferences and exhibitions by combining the power of digital technology with the warmth of the human touch. With a global network and multidisciplinary expertise spread across 39 countries, JTB reaches the world by helping clients save time and money. JTB Indonesia as part of the JTB Group is proud and upholds its commitment to provide “Perfect Moments, always”.

Planned events December 7-9, 2020 (check tanggal ini)

About Bali Plus

Bali Plus Magazine is the largest small guidebook in Bali, published monthly under PT. Trijaya Dewata. Published since 1996, the content and updates on Bali Plus magazine are always evolving and also available on its website version. Because of this, Bali Plus has garnered a strong digital and social media following with 15,000 subscribers to its daily e-bulletins.

With a very strong presence in the digital and social media fields in Bali, Jakarta and Flores, PT. Trijaya Dewata has many titles under the auspices of its publication. Many companies carry out local and international branding and promotional activities through successful marketing and events including event organizing, marketing campaigns, and community relations activities. Founded in 1996, the company has proved to be an indispensable partner for the tourism industry with impactful initiatives and constantly delivering new innovations.